Available in Ulm and Würzburg

Earrings "Signature"

Rose gold, brilliants
Price 5.090,- €

Pendant "Signature"

Rose gold, brilliants
Price start from 6.990,- €

Bracelet "Mikado"

Rose gold, moonstones
Price 7.290,- €

Earrings "Bouton" Indian Summer

Rose gold, gemstones
Price 5.990,- €

Pendant "Bouton" Candy

Rose gold, gemstones
Price 10.990,- €

Necklace "Mikado" Candy

Rose gold, gemstones
Price start from 14.990,- €

Studs "Bouton"

Rose gold, pink tourmaline, diamond
Price 3.290,- €

Collier "Sanddollar"

Rose gold, diamond
Price start from 1.590,- €

Rings "Bouton"

White gold, moonstone, safir
Price start from 1.890,- €

Earrings "Mikado"

White gold, topaz
Price 3.190,- €

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