Available in Ulm, Würzburg and Heidenheim

Since its foundation in 1946, TUDOR has always benefited from the technical expertise and proximity to Rolex. No wonder, as the Swiss brand was created by Rolex’s founder Hans Wilsdorf. Over the years, TUDOR gained independence and its own profile. The brand confidently presents modern sports watches and stylish retro models alike. Their solid construction is a guarantee of a long life and low maintenance. In 2015, the brand began using its own movements in its timepieces.

Black Bay Pro

Ref. M79470

Black Bay GMT S&G

Ref. M79833MN

Black Bay Chrono S&G

Ref. M79363N

Black Bay Chrono

Ref. M79360N

Black Bay 32

Ref. M79580

Black Bay 41

Ref. M790540

Black Bay Bronze

Ref. M79250BA

Black Bay Fifty-Eight 925

Ref. M79010SG

Black Bay

Ref. M79230R

Pelagos FXD

Ref. M25707B/22


In Ulm Mr. Felix Fröhler
P + 49(0)731-96828-0

In Würzburg Mr. Stephan Scheuble
P + 49(0)931-417988-0

In Heidenheim Mrs. Sabine Storr
P + 49(0)7321-9857-0

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